PR Pitching Guidebook

Everything you need to know to succeed in a PR campaign. In the guidebook, you’ll find for example:

  • PR campaign schedule and tasks
  • press release template
  • example PR KPIs, and more.

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The PR Pitching Guidebook content


Before starting a PR Campaign

Before jumping into executing your PR campaigns, do PR research. Find instructions on how to do just that.


Building and running a PR campaign

Step by step guide to setting up a PR campaign and running it.

What is earned media and why should I care?

When we talk about PR, we talk about earned media.

PR is about an impartial or objective person writing about your company because there is something newsworthy to tell. Usually the goal of PR is to impact on something that is meaningful to you & the public audience and build the credibility of your company.

There are many ways to do PR. You may, for example, collaborate with influencers operating on your industry or pitch stories to the media.

By following the instructions on the PR Pitching Guidebook, you make sure to get the most out of your media campaigns.

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