Made for good stories

Valosan is created by a team of PR professionals and we use Valosan ourselves to manage our PR operations. We are building Valosan so we can help more companies be successful in their PR outreach.

Connect with journalists

Valosan makes it easy to manage contacts and do pitching to build relationship.

Kanban view of your contacts in Valosan lets you see overall campaign progress and automatically update when you pitch to your contacts.

Manage content

Valosan allows you to work collaboratively with PR freelancers, writers, and stakeholders to create multilingual pitches and press releases from a local angle.

You can define pitch, follow-up, press release, and any other messages using Markdown or Google Docs and use them during pitching or distribution.

Effortless pitching

Using our Gmail extension, you can quickly write personalized pitches and send a follow-up email or press release to journalists who expressed interest.

Your history of communication are saved in Valosan so your team can see all professional communications.

Distribute world-wide

Send your message (press release) to a broader audience with a distribution tool that allows you to effortlessly reach editorial desks and newsrooms of international media. 

Monitor media

You can watch for news mentioning your products and brands using media monitoring in Valosan.

Combined with the ability to automatically notify you about new results in the morning, Valosan allows you to stay updated with events happening worldwide.

Flexible reporting

You can create a campaign or account report and customize it to include relevant information. Reports can be shared via link or downloaded as PDF.

Transparent teamwork

Transparency is critical for distributed teams to work collaboratively. You can see the activity of your campaigns in different regions with a clear picture of the progress and actions of your PR team.

We also offer open or click analytics to see response rate and interest in your launch.