From PR professionals to PR professionals

The Valosan PR management tool is born from experiences and expertise of the San Francisco Agency. The agency started looking for an efficient PR management tool to help with journalist outreach and keep track of who had been contacted and when. But they could not find any tool that would have satisfied their demanding needs and decided to build their own tool for making PR work more efficient. The Valosan PR management tool has been successfully used by the San Francisco team since 2020 and the tool is now available also for other companies doing PR work on a large scale.

Valosan in numbers

Pitches to journalists

Our mission is to help comms professionals in all walks of life understand exactly how they can build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with the media based on trust, respect and powerful storytelling.

Our values define us and how our culture is being developed.

Trust and reputation is built over time through transparency, proactive, pragmatic and no-nonsense communication, and keeping our promises.

Our clients respect us for the highest quality service, making complicated concepts simple, getting things done on time, and exceeding expectations. We don’t waste our own or our clients’ time.

We are willing to take risks on things we believe in, with a positive attitude, defending and caring about our clients and ourselves in important issues, and not being afraid to fail. Courage to say no – decline opportunities instead of having fear of missing out (FOMO).

Lifelong hunger for learning and self-motivation come from constantly questioning the known, continuously improving and thinking creatively and adventurously, leading to deeper understanding in solving complex problems. Trying out new things in practice.

Growing our mind, know-how and business leads to happiness in the long-term, and requires rigorous planning and focusing on the task at hand, working together diligently within the team, leading to our clients meeting their goals.

Meet the team

Valosan core team

Juhani Polkko

CEO & Co-founder

Ruslan Gainutdinov

CTO & Co-founder

Steve Lee

PR Coach & Lead of Valosan Startup Program

Mikko Järvenpää


PR professionals at your service

Tim Gilbert

Senior Comms & PR Manager

Reetta Ilo

Senior Comms & PR Manager

Kristiina Nieminen

Director, Comms & PR Strategy

Nina Enroth

Director, Comms & PR Strategy

The Valosan PR management tool originates from San Francisco Agency and San Francisco’s PR professionals are at your service whenever you need help with your PR work.