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World's First PR Network Platform

Scale your international PR to any local market. With Valosan, you connect with PR specialists in local markets and pitch your story to real journalists – without the need for big agencies!

Why Valosan?

We built Valosan so that you would get more and better PR coverage.


Watch this 1-minute video to learn how the PR Network Platform works!

Valosan customers featured in the following Tier 1 media around the world

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Global reach with local impact

International PR success depends on reaching the right journalists with relevant stories. 


Valosan gives you access to a global network of PR specialists, helping you build the relationships you need to secure the earned media visibility you deserve, where you need it most.

Here’s how Valosan solves your biggest pains in PR:

Local specialists

Building relationships with journalists and pitching your stories to them is a key part of the successful PR process. Each market has a different language and different ways of building those relationships with journalists. Valosan hosts a wide network of PR specialists from around the world who can help you get your story covered by the local media.

Transparent PR flow

Our built-in PR process makes your team’s workflow a breeze while ensuring that the PR campaign work is transparent to all relevant stakeholders.

Monitoring and reporting

Set goals, track the progress of simultaneous PR campaigns across your in-house and outsourced PR teams, and report on the activities and outcomes – all within the same platform. 

With Valosan you can measure impact and improve engage all stakeholders manage your PR team check the quality of work

Campaign management

Valosan scales from a single PR Manager to entire internal comms & PR teams to working with multiple freelancers and agencies. You are always on top of things with the Valosan dashboard and the Kanban campaign view of the pitching progress. You can easily spot which campaigns and regions are on track and which may need assistance.